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Covid-19 Rules at Vision Expo, ISC West, MAGIC & Other ’21 Trade Shows

What do Vision Expo East, ISC West, MAGIC Las Vegas, World of Concrete, and Black Hat USA have in common this year? They’re the trade show pioneers of the Coronavirus era. These shows, which all take place in the summer of 2021, mark the first large, in-person shows in the United States since Covid-19 shut  Continue Reading »

What to Expect at World of Concrete 2021

Las Vegas, NV — World of Concrete 2021 is poised to become the first major in-person trade show to run in the United States since covid shut everything down last year. If you’re attending or exhibiting at World of Concrete, what changes should you expect from pre-covid trade shows? If you’re attending or exhibiting at other  Continue Reading »

Why Apple products make bad trade show booth giveaways

by Andy Saks You’re planning a trade show booth. You know you need a “draw,” something special and cool to entice attendees to visit you and let you scan their badges. You think, “I know! Let’s have a drawing and give away a cool, new, coveted gadget like the…” And you likely end that sentence with the  Continue Reading »

200 trade shows: Spark reaches a rare milestone

Boston, MA–Spark Presentations has achieved a rare plateau, celebrating its 200th booking for trade show exhibitor services. With its recent booking of a booth presenter for Volvo at the ConExpo trade show, Spark has now booked professional booth presenters, game show hosts, crowd gatherers, booth staffers and staff trainers for 200 trade shows over its  Continue Reading »

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