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What does a successful auction look like?

Faces smile. Voices shout. Hands shoot up. Bids surge higher and higher.

This is what you’ll see when you book Spark owner Andy Saks as your live auctioneer, and turn your live auction into a cash cow for your cause.

Unlike many “drive-through” live auctioneers, Andy will take full ownership of your auction right from the planning stage. He’ll work right alongside you, building your best auction setup (including a full script and animated slideshow), offering key insights and advice, keeping you organized, and doing it all with a smile, so you can relax knowing your return will dwarf your investment. Here’s how:



Before Your Auction

Andy will prepare thoroughly by:

Learning about your event history, goals and logistics

Advising you on item selection, order, pricing and other details

Building a word-for-word auctioneer script you can edit and approve

Designing sleek, animated slides to match in PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi

Shooting a promo video for your auction website (if requested)

Promoting your auction on Spark’s website, e-newsletter and social media

During Your Auction

Andy will meet your presenting needs with polish, warmth and humor by:

Giving your pre-auction announcements

Running other fundraising games (ask me for ideas!)

Welcoming and warming up your audience

Introducing other event speakers

Running your live auction bidding & delivering your “raise your paddle” appeal

After Your Auction

Andy will help you make next year’s auction even better by: 

Sharing valauble, practical feedback and suggestions

Giving you first dibs on future auction dates

Also Included

Do your other candidates offer all this?

Complete Precision Pricing estimate

Use of Spark laptop and remote control to run live auction slide deck

Two signed print copies of The Presentation Playbook

Unlimited planning calls and emails

Two free travel days in North America

All travel expenses billed as actual with no markup