for Massachusetts Auctioneer Andy Saks


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 Andy provided Auctioneer services for an inaugural event that Community Rowing, Inc. hosted this past weekend. From beginning to end, he was an absolute pro and a pleasure to work with.

Andy was proactive in reaching out to get additional information that was critical to the success of the evening. He provided a written script of exactly what he was going to say so we knew what to expect and how he was planning on messaging our mission.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Andy and knowing that he was such a professional really put our committee at ease and let us focus on other logistical matters. He is FABULOUS.

Tracy Brown
Director of Development


 We had the pleasure of working with Andy for one of our nonprofit clients.

He was extremely professional, worked with us to organize our live auction items and create our slide show.

At the event, he interacted with the crowd and kept them engaged during the live auction and fund-a-cause!

We also changed our format and expressed to Andy how important it was that we stay on schedule and not run late – even by five minutes, not a simple request!

Overall, the event was a success and Andy was a great member of the team.

Tasha Bracken
Owner, Tasha Bracken Events
(event producer)


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Andy is a true professional and master of his talents.

During planning, Andy brought some great ideas to the table and really thought through the best approach to the live auction and fundraising ask for an annual gala–keeping in mind certain things that had to be a certain way based on the organization’s preferences.

His research was comprehensive, he took the time to understand the organization’s mission and event goals, and was well rehearsed come showtime.

On stage, Andy immediately connected with our guests and brought a refreshing energy to the room. He was able to improv and adjust as needed and really played off of the audience.

The auction items went for much more than expected, due in large part to Andy’s delivery and ownership on stage.

Hiring Andy was money well spent and I look forward to working with him again–he is now my “go-to” for auction / fundraising / emcee needs!

Katie Cunningham
Owner, Katie Cunningham Events
(event producer)


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 Andy provided Auctioneer services for our annual auction at Newbury College.

From the beginning, he felt like another member of our team, jumping right in to help make our auction a success!

He provided a written script of exactly what he was going to say so our team knew what to expect and his visuals of our live auction items were a huge hit!

He was professional during the entire process and would love to work with him again.

Maggie Ibrahim-Taney
Director of Alumni and Donor Relations


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Andy Saks was a stellar partner for our charity auction.

He was easy to work with throughout the entire process, very responsive to our requests and questions, offered thoughtful ideas and recommendations, and was well prepared the night of the event.

Andy was very engaging throughout the event, which wasn’t easy for such a rambunctious crowd. He was able to grab their attention and drive the auction well to obtain the highest price, and garnered a few bidding wars that helped our charitable cause even more so!

Over the years that we’ve engaged auctioneers for our events, Andy has proven to be a great partner and raises the bar high. Should we have the opportunity to work with him again, we will definitely make that happen!

Rob Giese
Chairman, Worldwide ERC Foundation



I hired Andy to emcee and run the live auction and paddle raise for Temple Israel’s annual fundraising gala.

From our first conversation, Andy was thorough, organized, and extremely professional. He took the time to get to understand the culture of our organization, and the nature of this particular event. He returned every phone call, email and query in a very prompt manner, and was always willing to schedule a call to keep the process moving forward.

Andy was thoroughly prepared for our gala, and left little to chance. He was patient with our audience, and took the time to get a feel for the room. As a result, our auction and paddle raise earned more than double what we’ve ever earned in past years. On top of it all, he’s a genuinely nice guy!

I would highly recommend Andy, and look forward to working with him again.

Shoshanna Goldstein
Director of Development


Boston Workmen's Circle logo

 Boston Worker’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice hired Andy as a professional auctioneer and emcee for our annual fundraising live & silent auction.

Andy was incredibly friendly, generous, and helpful throughout our auction planning process. As I had never planned this type of event, he provided an endless amount of phone consultations with helpful suggestions for the live event, and he attended one planning meeting in person with our auction committee where Andy helped us plan the flow of the event and came prepared with a list of games we could play.

In the weeks leading up to the event, we worked closely to construct the script and auction slides. Andy was very receptive to feedback, and wanted to make sure that his tone matched our community. He definitely did his homework and researched who we are as an organization, and the room responded well to him!

Andy’s auction script was funny and engaging. He came fully equipped and prepared.

We had a very successful event and reached our fundraising goal!

Michelle Weiser
Deputy Director


MetroLacrosse Logo

Andy was the auctioneer at our inaugural MVP Experience the central fundraising vehicle for MetroLacrosse.

Andy did a great job at bringing a lot of energy, getting the audience engaged, and being very descriptive with all of our items and appeal,

We had a great experience overall and highly recommend Spark Presentations and we look forward to having him at our event next year!

Kendell Johnson
Development Manager


Clover logo

 It was a terrific experience working with you and it amazing to realize all the many ways that you contributed to our fundraiser, Rise Up!, for the Clover Foundation.

Your knowledge and experience as an auctioneer meant that you could provide excellent direction and advice to me about scheduling/timing and about how best to express each need.

Your use of slides for each gift level, well crafted with a photo and the need outlined, was a huge asset for clarity and impact. There is no question that they drew more gifts at higher levels.

You were very skilled in reading the audience and adjusting your style/manner to be effective. You connected with the audience from the beginning.

The phone calls with you about the script were especially helpful. They provided clarity and structure for the whole fundraising portion of the evening and made my deliverables to you specific. This was a huge time saver for me. And once things started coming together, I had no concerns about this portion of the evening.

I really thank you for this as it was a huge relief and let me focus on other things. If it is how you work with every one of your customers, it is invaluable to them.

Diane Mercer
Co-Board Chair, Fundraising Committee Chair