Pack your booth with prime prospects.

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A great trade show presenter can work miracles. Every performance, they transform distracted attendees into educated prospects eager for more.

See for yourself by booking Spark owner and trade show presenter Andy Saks. For over 20 years, Andy has delivered thousands of booth presentations at over 300 trade shows from San Francisco to South Africa, speaking for scores of clients in many industries.

Andy will transform your booth theater into a worry-free lead machine. And if he’s already booked or not the best fit, he’ll find, book & manage another top-tier presenter for you.

Just follow these simple steps:


Scripted Product Overview

This popular format gives prospects a taste of your offerings, priming them for follow-up chats and demos. It generally runs 5-10 minutes, includes slides, and can highlight your Core Claim, key differentiator, features and benefits, success stories, clients, awards and more. Start smart with a poll to identify leads, and finish strong with a quiz and prizes!

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Game Show

Want more entertainment in your presentation? A game show will hit the spot. Its playful format and direct audience involvement keeps everyone riveted, learning and laughing. Your game show’s title, structure, questions and prizes are customized to your needs. Try this Spark favorite for yourself!

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Emcee for Guest Speakers

Using a lineup of guest speakers? Ensure every show runs smoothly and gets a crowd with an emcee. Your emcee will orient each guest speaker to your theater, then gather a crowd, welcome your audience, take a poll, tease your booth attractions, introduce your guest speaker, and return afterward to wrap it up with announcements and prizes.

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SCRIPTWRITING & EDITING: First, we write from your prospect’s perspective, creating a clear, concise, compelling narrative. Then we add crucial tweaks to identify your best leads, and keep them engaged and rewarded. Then we test and tweak to perfection during the show itself.

SLIDE DESIGN & EDITING: Are your product visuals worthy of your products? Spark designers will cradle your content in dynamic, memorable visuals that mirror your script in PowerPoint or Keynote. And we’ll keep butts in your seats between presentations with a looping slideshow and countdown clock.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS: Why wait until the show to drive booth traffic? Tease your presentations, products, prizes and promotions weeks in advance with a Spark promotional video.



BOOTH STAFF TRAINING: How do you help your own employees attract and qualify leads, give targeted demos and create follow-up actions? Teach them the tricks of the trade show with Spark’s “Booth Brush-Up” booth staff training program.

PRODUCT SPECIALISTS: If your employees aren’t engaging EVERY attendee, this high-level support will do it for you. Product specialists research your products and industry, then stand in your booth greeting and qualifying attendees, answering questions, running demos, and handing off the best prospects to your employees for more.

BOOTH ASSISTANTS: Forget about vapid “booth babes.” Spark’s smart, experienced, eager trade show pros will proactively welcome attendees into your booth, scan badges, handle lead cards and distribute prizes, freeing up your staffers for other key duties.