Run your best speaking play.

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Presentation Playbook Volume One Cover

Your big presentation is coming up. Expectations are high. Are you ready?

As in sports, great presentations start with great preparation. The Presentation Playbook helps you build and run your very own “presentation plays” you can understand easily, adapt quickly and run confidently.

Along the way, you’ll calculate the true value of every audience member, prevent disasters in your speaking environment, understand your audience’s needs, and outsmart your speaking competitors,

You’ll become an “MVP” (Most Valuable Presenter) for your organization, and turn America’s #1 fear into your competitive advantage.


1. Your Grand Goals (Defining Victory)

2. Your Presentation Environment (Field of Play)

3. Your Competing Speakers (League Rivals)

4. Your Audience (Fans in the Stands)

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“A must for anyone who has ever had to white-
knuckle it through a corporate speech.”

Mitch Albom

Author of Tuesdays with Morrie and other international bestsellers
Columnist, radio and TV personality