A must for anyone who has ever had to white-
knuckle it through a corporate speech.

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Your big speech is coming up. Expectations are high. Are you ready?

Before you face your audience, learn to put your best face forward with The Presentation Playbook Series.

It’s a new three-volume set of books that help you give winning presentations in key business situations.


You’ll learn to build and run your very own “presentation plays” you can understand easily, adapt quickly and run confidently.

The Presentation Playbook Series makes giving presentations fun. Use it to become an MVP (Most Valuable Presenter) for your organization, and turn America’s #1 fear into your competitive advantage!


  • “The definitive how-to book for anyone who has to stand in front of a group and deliver. After over 40 years behind the podium I didn’t think I had that much more to learn. Andy showed me I was wrong.”
    Richard Whiteley
    CEO, The Whiteley Group
    Author, The Customer-Driven Company
  • “A simple and direct guide to mastering the presentation skills necessary to stand out and succeed in business.”
    Shep Hyken
    President, National Speakers Association
    New York Times bestselling author
  • “A gem that teaches aspiring speakers how to transform everyday presentations into special opportunities to connect, advocate and inspire.”
    Dan Pallotta
    President, Advertising for Humanity
    Author, Uncharitable
  • “When you present poorly, the only compelling message your audience yearns for is ‘The end!” Andy’s book, based upon years of first-hand experience, will empower you to create a robust and effective presentations.”
    Thomas C. McGraw
    CEO, FNB Bankcorp
    & First National Bank of California
  • “Don’t let the playbook terminology fool you. Anyone who’s ever worked with a coach, belonged to a team or competed for a prize can embrace its approach.”
    Chip Conley
    Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels
  • “If you’ve ever had to speak, train or present, get this series now. It’s the bible of presentation secrets. Perfect for anyone who stands in front of a group.”
    Timothy Noonan
    Speaker and entertainer
    Author, The Amazing Journey
  • “Saks is the top-notch presentation coach you have always wanted but weren’t sure you could afford.”
    Belinda Rosenblum
    President, OwnYourMoney.com
    Author, Self-Worth to New Worth
  • “Packed full of easy-to-implement tools and techniques, this book is a must read for anyone looking to elevate their speaking skills.”
    Rob “Waldo” Waldman
    Hall of Fame speaker
    Author, Never Fly Solo
  • “Giving a compelling talk is a critical business skill with a direct impact on the bottom line. It’s great to have this guide for continual improvement.”
    Scott N. Miller
    CEO, Dragon Innovation, Inc.
  • “Time with Andy can turn a nervous speaker into a confident speaker, and a confident speaker into a great speaker!”
    Harry J. Gold
    CEO, Overdrive Interactive
  • “Poses questions you need to answer before you hit the stage or the webinar.”
    Jonathan Weaver
    Principal, PeakPerformers.net
    Author, The Sales Game Has Changed
  • “Don’t just read this book — hoard it and study it!”
    Ken Lizotte CMC
    Chief Imagination Officer
    Emerson Consulting Group
    Author, The Expert’s Edge

Volume 1:

Analyzing Your Scouting Reports


As in sports, great presentations start with great preparation. Volume 1 invites you into a truly-unique, in-depth preparation process that will change your perception of speaking itself.

You’ll learn how to calculate the vast value of every audience member, prevent disasters in your speaking environment, outsmart your speaking competitors, and understand your audience’s needs. Then, you can start building your presentation playbook in Volume 2.

198 pages | Download FREE Sample

Includes FREE downloadable bonus content


  1. Your Grand Goals (Defining Victory)
  2. Your Presentation Environment (Field of Play)
  3. Your Competing Speakers (League Rivals)
  4. Your Audience (Fans in the Stands)


Volume 2:

Building Your


In Volume 2 you’ll build your personalized “locker” of presentation content, including inviting questions, riveting stories, illuminating facts and stats, and two powerful new tools: your Core Cause and Core Claim. You’ll see why each content type is valuable, when to use it, and how to shape it to its best effect.


  1. Serving Your Core Cause
  2. Asking Your Best Questions
  3. Declaring Your Core Claims
  4. Sharing Your Sweet Stories
  5. Stating Your Facts and Stats


Volume 3:

Calling Your


In Volume 3 you’ll get your uniform dirty. We’ll review speaking fundamentals, and see how to use humor, props and SWAG to earn a spot in your audience’s highlight reels. Then, we’ll explore presentations for sales pitches, educational seminars, trade show booths, webinars and networking group pitches. For each situation, you’ll get in-depth analysis, see rookie mistakes to avoid, and discover a custom presentation “play” with a fill-in-the-blank script.


  1. Sales Presentations (The Floor Routine)
  2. Seminars, Workshops & Speeches (The Meatball)
  3. Teleseminars & Webinars (The Interactive Sportscaster)
  4. Trade Show Booth Presentations (The Quick Hit)
  5. Networking Group Pitches (The Bunt)


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