for Spark’s Booth Staff Training Program



Wow! In one hour, ‘Booth Brush-Up’ covered all the key points of good staffing work, reminding our team about the ‘no brainer’ stuff, teaching them new techniques and helping them share ideas. They loved the training and it helped shape them quickly into a cohesive unit.

We’ve run ‘Booth Brush-Up’ twice more since then; we’ve learned it intimidates our competitors, who watch from their booths and panic!

Lisa Castillo
Senior Marketing Manager


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A+ for Spark’s booth staff training.

I discovered Spark’s training when I walked past Andy delivering it at another trade show booth. After each point he made, I thought, ‘I need my staffers to hear that.’ I actually walked laps around the booth just to keep listening.

Soon after, I booked Andy to give the full four-hour version of Spark’s training to my booth staffing team at a key medical show, and he didn’t disappoint.

His content was comprehensive, insightful and flowed logically. Instead of lecturing, Andy fostered discussion and brainstorming, ran role-playing simulations, and ended the training on a high (and loud) note with a frenzied game show that reviewed and reinforced key content. Even my grizzled veterans took notes and admitted they enjoyed it and learned a lot.

The real payoff was the remarkable change in my staff’s performance at the show. Even on the last day, with neighboring booths empty and quiet, our staffers were still filling our booth with attendees and turning them into leads. We met our lead goals and left satisfied.

I’d recommend Spark’s booth staff training to any exhibitor ready to make the most of their most important asset.

Ed Coombs
Regional Director of Marketing, North America


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We brought Andy in to help us prepare our booth staff for an important upcoming conference, and he did not disappoint.

Whether they were seasoned salespeople or new to selling and trade shows, everyone came away with several nuggets to help better qualify attendees.

He made the training fun, interactive and informative. Our staff definitely looked like pros out there compared to most others.

Christina del Villar
Head of Marketing



I knew from the first conversation we had that Andy got it. His understanding of the environment, attendee mindset and insight into selling at trade shows was so striking I knew I had found someone who was speaking my language.

Andy worked with my companyʼs marketing and sales teams to help increase our impact at our large trade shows and generate more qualified leads.

I was particularly impressed with Andyʼs arsenal of answers: when Iʼd ask how something might look or what it would sound like, Andy would send me real examples of video clips and scripts, or provide an example of a similar situation and how it had worked out.

And Andyʼs training session resonated with our sales team: he received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, making the session fun and memorable! I highly recommend Andy Saks.

Ann Bridges
Senior Marketing Manager


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Andy recently conducted a presentation and workshop for our Sales Executives on how to maximize lead generation at trade show booths. He was recommended to us by one of our sister companies.

Andy was super responsive to our inquiry. We held 3 conference calls to ensure we prioritized our needs, and Andy modified and adjusted to match our needs. He always wrote a summary email listing everything we discussed and agreed upon.

Andy’s presentation was highly engaging, interactive, and spot on. Feedback from all of the attendees indicated that the presentation forced them to reflect upon their current practices and how they could change booth behavior to get people to talk to them, and they learned something new they could apply immediately. Win/win!!

I would definitely consider rebooking Andy when the need arises, and I would recommend other companies to consider him as well. A very good investment of time and dollars!

Donna Neel
Senior V.P., Professional Development


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When Andy approached us with Spark’s “Booth Brush-Up” training we were skeptical he could teach our booth veterans anything they didn’t already know.

Turned out he could! He reviewed the show’s background and key metrics, helped us identify our target attendees, reviewed good starter questions and helped us really tighten our demos.

The “What’s My Subtext?” slideshow was hysterical; my team loved the photos of random staffers misbehaving!

Andy had a fun, interactive delivery style that kept everyone participating.

Gwen Carpenter
Senior Manager, Marketing Communications


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Andy presented to our staff of well-seasoned sales associates to prepare us for a very important trade show. His energy and expertise motivated and inspired us to new levels of commitment and resolve.

The training was energetic, interactive and lots of fun. Andy really delivered!

Ann Derby
Director of Marketing and Events


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RamQuest contracted Andy to deliver web-based training to our sales team. Our goals for this training were to refocus our awareness, brush up on “boothmanship” and also to increase our lead generation.

Throughout the planning stages process Andy was professional and easy to work with. He was available to answer our questions and remained focused on our goals.

During the session, Andy kept even our most seasoned sales reps engaged. They participated and, to my surprise, took detailed notes in addition to working through the workbook that Andy provided.

Andy communicated clearly and effectively and at the end of the session everyone on our team felt like they had something to take-away and they were re-energized and excited to attend one of our largest shows (happening next month).

I was very pleased with the training and am anxious to see the fruits of this effort at our next show (and all of our shows thereafter!) and would recommend Andy to any company that wants to make the most out of their presence at tradeshows!

Erin McAnally
Vice President, Marketing


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We hired Andy to conduct a 90 minute ‘Booth Brush-up’ trade show and events training webinar in January 2020. This was done online/remotely in a conference room full of 25+ Taconic staff members in attendance for our annual West Coast sales meeting.

Several months prior we had just finished researching and comparing about a dozen potential training platforms and individual speakers. We ultimately chose Andy due to his impressive professional background in this space as well as his willingness to fully customize the training session around our company and the specific shows we attend.

We made the right decision. Andy filled all 90 minutes with interesting, informative, thought provoking, engaging, and industry/show specific content that kept all staff members tuned in throughout.

He thoroughly researched our company before the training session and constructed key topics relating to our products, services and potential customers.

He also provided a 6 page custom workbook for staff to follow along, fill out, and keep to look back on down the road.

All in all, working with Andy was a fantastic experience. If you are in the process of researching similar services stop… this is your guy.

Ben Phillips
Marketing Manager, North America


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We chose Andy Saks to deliver web-based training to our sales team with a goal of increasing lead efforts and improving company awareness at events.

Throughout the whole process, Andy was very professional and easy to work with, always available to answer any questions that we had. His suggestion to review the presentation beforehand was much appreciated; as we were able to make a few minor changes by adding topics, we felt needed more focus to meet our individual needs.

During the session, the webinar program he selected worked effortlessly, and his delivery of the content kept our audience engaged. Andy shared several pieces of advice that our team had not thought of including exact scripts to use to improve communication with booth attendees.

I cannot say enough how pleased we were with the training and his dedication towards making sure were all satisfied. Not one person left the training without learning something, and we were all thrilled to apply what we learned at future shows.

At the first show after Andy’s training we collected more contacts in one day than we did all week last year.

We recommend Andy to anyone looking to maximize his or her efforts at tradeshows!

Pamela Wasielewski
Digital Marketing Specialist


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Andy’s training was a complete success.

We were looking for some one to come in from the outside and teach our sales folks how to effectively prospect and engage conference attendees to increase the number of qualified prospects at each show.

We interviewed a number of potential trainers and found that out of the people we interviewed Andy was the only one that works trade shows/conferences on a regular basis. We knew we needed someone that has “walked in the shoes” to come in and train our group.

We had a mix of seasoned account executives and newer staff who attended the training session. Andy was very effective in getting the buy in of our entire sales force. He customized our training to our typical trade show/conference and the type of attendee we target which made it all the more valuable to our staff.

After Andy did his training we did an internal debrief and both our seasoned account executives and our “newbies” all gave Andy’s training a A+ rating. Each one of them took something new to try from the training.

We are looking at adding this to our annual training budget leading into each conference season.

Christoph Turner
Director, Sales and Marketing