Which of your pitches need to sparkle?

Just the ones you need to succeed. And in the presentation world, that means all of them.

So when your executives, salespeople, marketers and others pitch for you, do they present like pros or amateurs?

Use a Spark Training Camp presentation skills training program to turn your speakers into MVPs (Most Valuable Presenters).


Modeled on our popular how-to speaking guide, The Presentation Playbook Series, these interactive presentation skills training programs deliver unique content, fun games and plenty of practice for key aspects of your presentation landscape.

Together, they create MVPs who build clear, concise, compelling presentations and deliver them with energy, warmth and style.

Topics may be booked individually or mixed and matched in any combination. Choose your favorites and book your training!

Analyzing Your Presentation Situation
(“Surveying Your Season”)

★ BUILDING YOUR SCOUTING REPORT: What’s your presentation’s Grand Goal? How can you use your physical environment to your advantage? How do you compare to your competitors? Scout key aspects of your speaking situation and shape your Grand Strategy.

★ ASSESSING YOUR AUDIENCE: Who’s in your crowd, and why? We’ll unveil your Grand Goal for every audience you face, review the key traits all audiences share, and profile the Prime Prospects watching your next pitch, so you can convert them into loyal fans.

★ THE MUSCLE MYTH: Think speaking is about delivering facts? Think again. Learn the personality trait you must display to gain your audience’s support, and how to deliver it.

Creating Your Presentation Content
(“Building Your Playbook”)

★ CREATING YOUR CORE CAUSE: Show your audience you’re more about more than money by painting your future vision in one phrase and inviting them into it.

★ STAKING YOUR CORE CLAIM: How do you achieve your Core Cause? Share your Core Claim, the key belief that transforms you into a thought leader, and leads your audience right back to you.

★ ASKING QUESTIONS: Learn how asking the right questions at each stage of your speech helps you warm up your crowd, identify prospects, share your speaking burden and ensure your content is on target.

★ TELLING STORIES: Wrap your key content in MVP-worthy visions, fables, success stories, and other story formats that are as much fun to tell as they are to hear.

★ DELIVERING FACTS AND STATS: Choose your best facts and sprinkle them into your speech strategically, so they’re heard, understood, appreciated and remembered.

★ CALLING YOUR AUDIENCE TO ACTION: Capitalize on the attachment you’ve created by delivering an MVP-worthy call to action and you’ll leave every stage triumphant.

Using Your Presentation Tools & Techniques
(“Running Your Speaking Plays”)

★ CALLING THE RIGHT PLAY: Discover the right presentation “play” for your next sales pitch, educational seminar, webinar, networking group pitch or trade show booth presentation and you’ll run the bases while your competition strikes out.

★ FEAR TO FUN: Spark’s signature program asks: does your body freak when you speak in public? Learn the surprising physiology behind your symptoms, and how to calm your fears so you can wow your crowd.

★ BULLETPROOF POWERPOINT: Slay “Death by PowerPoint” and showcase a slideshow with MVP-level best practices. With Spark’s PowerPoint training, your visuals will illuminate your audience, not asphyxiate them.

★ ADDING PROPS: Powerful and often neglected, props make complex concepts simple and memorable. Discover which props serve your message, and how to incorporate them into your pitch for best effect.

★ EXECUTING THE FUNDAMENTALS: Build MVP-level platform skills like posture, eye contact, movement, volume and even silence, so you say it like you really mean it.

★ PITCH FRICTION: How do you handle audience resistance or thorny questions? Try these proven, practical techniques for winning them back.