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Boston food producer books Spark presentation skills training


August 12, 2015

Boston, MA — Kayem Foods, the largest processed meat company in New England, has booked a half-day presentation skills training program from Spark Presentations for its sales team.

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Kayem Foods has booked Spark presentation skills trainer Andy Saks to train its sales team

Presentation skills trainer and Spark owner Andy Saks will deliver the presentation training program to Kayem’s sales team at a Boston-area hotel in October.

The presentation skills program will help Kayem’s team maximize opportunities to sell Kayem products into the challenging supermarket and specialty foods store industries nationwide.

The presentation skills training will cover:

  • Fear to Fun: Understanding and minimizing the physical symptoms of speaking anxiety
  • Prime Prospect: Brainstorming a full picture of Kayem’s sales prospect
  • Core Claim: Creating one statement about the key to food success, to be delivered by all salespeople
  • Telling Stories: Molding Kayem client success stories to share with prospects



Kayem Foods is the largest processed meat company in New England. Kayem specializes in fully cooked and fresh sausage, dinner hams and deli meats, and natural casing and skinless franks .

Kayem markets thirteen national, regional and local brands, including: al fresco all-natural (the #1 brand of chicken sausage in the U.S.) and Kayem (the #1 brand of franks in New England).



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