Make your number one asset second to none.

Research shows the number one influence on attendee conversion is how they’re personally treated by your booth staff. Your people matter more than your booth design, your company’s reputation, even your products and services.

Make your booth staff your key differentiator with Spark’s trade show training program: “Booth Brush-Up: How to stand out, sell more, and have fun on your trade show floor.”

This powerful exhibitor lead attraction training will help your staffers burnish familiar skills and learn key best practices. They’ll maximize their effectiveness and value, and you’ll boost your lead quantity and quality. Pick a training option below and book it today!

For pricing, please contact Andy Saks to request a complete Precision Pricing quote.



1-2 hours

Working with limited time or budget? This streamlined training is your best bet. It reviews core content quickly and efficiently, and can be delivered at the booth before the show starts.

Topic options (based on total training time):

6 KEYS TO YOUR ATTENDEES: Learn what makes your lead targets tick, and the TWO key qualities they want from you in a booth interaction.

ATTRACTING PROSPECTS: Review tactics for getting attendees to visit your booth. Includes a fun photo slideshow of anonymous exhibitors misbehaving.

QUALIFYING LEADS: Ask smart questions that build trust, gather data & feed it back, so your prospect knows you were listening.

EDUCATING EFFICIENTLY: Toss your tedious data dump, tell a customized story with your prospect as the star, and yours is the pitch they’ll remember.

EXTENDING RELATIONSHIPS: Prep the next stage of your sale before they leave your booth with a firm, eager agreement to a follow-up action.

(NOTE: If an in-person training isn’t feasible,
ask about booking this training as a live webinar!)



4 hours

Want to cover more ground more thoroughly? Advanced Training adds key content and builds in time for discussion, brainstorming and role-playing.

Includes all Basic Booth Training topics, PLUS:

SHOW FLOOR OPPORTUNITIES: Want to outplay your competitors? Take advantage of 10 opportunities trade shows provide beyond lead generation.

SHOW SNAPSHOT: Explore important show metrics and attendee demographics, so you see the big picture and know how you fit in.

PRIME PROSPECT: Brainstorm a profile of your target attendee, from job title to pain points, so you know them well, spot them fast, and give them what they need.

GAME SHOW REVIEW: End with a bang as trainees review all key content in a game show format. It’ll leave them energized for the show floor!



6 hours

Want to be the best-prepared booth staff on your show floor? Expert Training gets you there. This comprehensive program covers every key topic you’ll need, digs deep on each, and uses extensive discussion and role-playing to ensure your trainees absorb, practice, and use it all.

Includes all Basic AND Standard Booth Training topics, PLUS:

SHOW GOALS: How will you measure success? Review goals you already have, add important new ones, and show staffers they parts they’ll play in meeting them.

SHOW STRATEGY: Agree right now on the competitive advantages you’ll promote, the key messages you’ll repeat, the booth materials you’ll showcase, and more.

QUESTION PREP: Worried some staffers can’t answer basic attendee questions? We’ll prevent that by brainstorming your best answers to their likeliest questions.



15-30 minutes

Can’t schedule ANY formal training? We’ll fire up your team during another scheduled event, like your booth team’s pre-show meal or prep meeting.

In just a few minutes, we’ll explain who the attendees are at your show, what they want from you, how you’ll rope ’em in, and any other key content you want covered.




Customized training content and slide deck (download sample PDF)

Customized, high-quality workbook for each trainee (download sample PDF)

Customized, professional delivery with dynamic, interactive format



Press release on Spark blog (see sample) with link to Client website

Promotion on Spark LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles



Affordable flat-rate pricing

No class size limits or per-trainee fees

No agency commissions or other booking fees

Two travel days inside North America

Travel expenses billed “as actual” with no markup

Low-cost refresher webinars