What if you conquered America’s #1 fear?

How to Stop Freaking from Public Speaking

Public speaking, America’s most common fear, is inextricably bound to professional success. Delivering a message with clarity, confidence, and credibility helps you get hired, influence others, stand out, make sales, and propel your career upward.

Yet businesspeople often squander or avoid these pivotal moments in the spotlight. Instead of running for the podium, they break for the exits.

“Fear to Fun: How to stop freaking from public speaking” changes that equation. This dynamic, interactive seminar transforms public speaking from an anxiety-provoking chore into a powerful tool your group can wield to boost their impact on, and value to, their organizations.

Topics include:

Why evolution makes our bodies rebel at the very idea of speaking

5 compounding factors that amplify that anxiety

Easy, practical, free tips to make anxiety manageable

“Fear to Fun” is unique in both content and style. It aims squarely at the thorniest area of public speaking, and delivers value your audience can use right away.

Tying it together is speaker Andy Saks’s fun, engaging presentation style. Emphasizing discussion and stories, he generates a relaxed atmosphere that fosters true understanding. They’ll learn, they’ll laugh, and you better believe they’ll remember.

Armed with an appreciation of public speaking anxiety and the tools to overcome it, your audience will leave ready to face the microphone with confidence and—imagine this—joy.

So take the first step to conquering America’s biggest fear, and watch it change your life. Contact Andy directly to book “Fear to Fun” for your conference, retreat, meeting, or other special occasion today!



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