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Boston CEO Club books Spark keynote on speaking anxiety


October 21, 2014

Boston, MA — The CEO Club of Boston has booked Spark keynote speaker Andy Saks to be its featured guest speaker at an upcoming membership meeting.

CEO Club

The CEO Club of Boston has booked Spark’s keynote on conquering speaking anxiety

Saks will deliver Spark’s signature keynote speech about speaking anxiety: “Fear to Fun: Why you freak when you speak in public, and how to calm your nerves and wow your crowd.”

“Fear to Fun” helps executives conquer their speaking anxieties by explaining the physiology that underlies the near-universal fear of public speaking.

It then shares easy, practical tips for lessening its symptoms from preparation through performance.

Topics include:

  • The role of evolution in speaking anxiety
  • Four common fears that amplify that anxiety
  • The science behind symptoms from sweaty palms to butterflies
  • Fast, easy strategies to mitigate that fear

The CEO Club of Boston, The Boston Chapter of the CEO Clubs International, Inc. is one of four regional US and four international chapters of a non-profit, educational organization headquartered in New York City.

It provides opportunities for CEOs of businesses, with a minimum of $2 million in annual revenue, to expand their network of CEO contacts and receive information that could prove critical to their organizations.



Andy Saks, Spark Presentations

Spark owner and keynote speaker Andy Saks

Spark Presentations is a private company founded in 1998 that provides presentation skills training and speech coaching for executives, salespeople, marketers and others, plus booth staff training for trade show exhibitors.

Spark also books professional presenters to represent its clients at high-profile events as keynote speakers, trade show booth presenters, masters of ceremonies (emcees) and live auctioneers.

Spark’s owner, Andy Saks, is also the author of The Presentation Playbook Series: Be a Most Valuable Presenter (MVP), a three-volume series of books that help businesspeople master common presentation situations by building and running speaking “plays” like a coach or player calls a key play in a game. Volume 1 is available now in print and PDF formats on Spark’s website and at these online retailers and formats: Amazon print, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble print and Nook.


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