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Trade show booth ideas: Why use a professional presenter?


November 12, 2013

By Amy McWhirter
Professional Trade Show Presenter

How do you capture the attention of trade show attendees?

Exhibit floors are busy, and one of the best opportunities a company has for reaching a large number of people at once.  An experienced professional presenter will capture attendees’ attention and draw those potential and existing customers into your booth.

Now that attendees are focused on what you can offer, the presenter invites audience members into the booth to speak to a company representative… for more information, a demo, to get questions answered, so that your staff can make that deeper connection.  It’s all about SALES & LEADS, and a good presenter is the client’s bridge, connecting the company’s messaging, products and services with their potential customers!

A professional presenter will transform product and service information, including highly technical or medical, into easily understandable and impacting messaging –  consistently delivering presentations multiple times per day with personality, energy and impact.

Amy McWhirter PRINT 13

Professional trade show presenter Amy McWhirter speaking at the PRINT 13 show in Chicago


This post was originally published in Amy’s blog, and reprinted here with Amy’s permission.

For more information on Amy, visit her “Presenting Amy” website.

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