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Why Apple products make bad trade show booth giveaways

by Andy Saks You’re planning a trade show booth. You know you need a “draw,” something special and cool to entice attendees to visit you and let you scan their badges. You think, “I know! Let’s have a drawing and give away a cool, new, coveted gadget like the…” And you likely end that sentence with the  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: Booth babe or crowd gatherer?

by Anders Boulanger, guest blogger Recently, I posted a blog that tore into using so-called “booth babes.” From a leads point of view, hiring booth babes does not work, and their very presence says something about your company and how you operate. I’ve overheard exhibitors use the term “booth babe” as a general term for hired  Continue Reading »

Five free and low-cost ways to boost your trade show presentation audience

by Andy Saks Live trade show booth presentations rank among the most powerful, effective ways to maximize your lead count. Done right, they quickly and efficiently attract a large stream of attendees to your booth, set them at ease, teach them your value proposition, and prime them to talk with your staffers.   We at  Continue Reading »

How do I hire the right trade show presenter?

by Andy Saks You designed the theater, wrote the script and built the slides. Now it’s time for the biggest piece of your trade show presentation puzzle: picking the right presenter. This is a really important task. As the most vocal and visible member of your booth staff, your presenter will be seen and heard  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: Did you pack your toolkit?

by Ken Newman, guest blogger Several years ago, at a trade show in Las Vegas, I was strolling the aisles during the setup/rehearsal day, and happened to pass a very large booth. In that large booth was an enormous theater area with a small thrust stage, about 80 seats, three pipes loaded with stage lighting,  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: Tips for first-time exhibitors

By Tim Patterson Communication One Exhibits We haven’t met before, but I thought I might take a few moments to share some thoughts on your upcoming quest to find a new trade show booth consultant to assist with design and fabrication. First – congratulations! Trade show marketing is one of the most effective ways of  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: Why use a professional presenter?

By Amy McWhirter Professional Trade Show Presenter How do you capture the attention of trade show attendees? Exhibit floors are busy, and one of the best opportunities a company has for reaching a large number of people at once.  An experienced professional presenter will capture attendees’ attention and draw those potential and existing customers into  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: Create a traffic jam at your booth

by Ken Newman guest blogger You’re driving down the highway. You see a billboard. You glance at it. Then, your eyes are back on the road. You don’t slow down and read the fine print.  You don’t pull over and climb the ladder to get a closer look. You just glance at it and it’s  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: How to get the most value from your presenter

by Andy Saks Most trade show exhibitors hire booth presenters to deliver a single product presentation script over and over. Did you know a good trade show presenter can deliver vastly more for your investment? More presentations. More formats. More styles. Here’s an extreme example from Spark’s own history. Through over 200 trade show presenter  Continue Reading »

Trade show booth ideas: Recycle your presentation script

by Andy Saks Are you a fan of recycling, finding ways to get the greatest possible value from something by reusing it for different purposes? Here at Spark we’ve applied that concept to trade show presentations with a setup called the “skeleton script.” Spark client Bradford Networks took advantage of it, and we saved them  Continue Reading »

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