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What to Expect at World of Concrete 2021


April 15, 2021

Las Vegas, NV — World of Concrete 2021 is poised to become the first major in-person trade show to run in the United States since covid shut everything down last year.

World of Concrete sign

World of Concrete 2021 is the first major in-person US trade show of the covid era.

If you’re attending or exhibiting at World of Concrete, what changes should you expect from pre-covid trade shows?

If you’re attending or exhibiting at other upcoming trade shows, what can you glean about your show from changes at World of Concrete?

I’ve assembled a detailed primer covering most-common questions about what to expect at World of Concrete and at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

Note: The public websites providing this information may be incorrect and/or change after publication of this article. Always double-check before making plans.



What is World of Concrete?

World of Concrete is an annual international trade show dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries.

The event features indoor and outdoor exhibits with industry suppliers showcasing products and technologies, demonstrations and competitions, and an education program.

Where does World of Concrete take place?

World of Concrete will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Exhibits will be held in the LVCC West Hall, North Hall, Central Lobby, and Diamond parking lot.

What are the World of Concrete exhibit hall dates and hours?

Tuesday, June 8: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Wednesday, June 9: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday, June 10: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

(All times are in the U.S. Pacific Daylight Time [PDT] time zone.)

More info here, including dates & times for the Education sessions.

How many attendees are going to World of Concrete?

The show has not released information on expected attendance.

World of Concrete typically draws about 60,000 attendees. The 2020 show, which took place February 3-7 (about a month before trade shows shut down) drew 54,000 attendees.

How many exhibitors are exhibiting at World of Concrete?

The show currently lists 584 exhibitors on its website Exhibitor List. For comparison, World of Concrete 2020 featured 1,310 exhibitors.

What does it cost to go to World of Concrete as an attendee?


The cost for an exhibits-only pass is $80. ($95 after 5/10/21; $105 after 6/5 & during show)


3-Hour Seminars: $160 ($190 after 5/10/21)

90-Minute Seminars: $115 ($145 after 5/10/21)

4-Hour Certification Seminars: $210 ($245 after 5/10/21)

“Super Pass” packages are also available, combining exhibits and education.

More pricing information here.

Can I register for World of Concrete on site? 

No. All attendees must register online in advance. Click here to register.

Is World of Concrete the first trade show to use the new West Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center?

Yes. West Hall was completed in January, 2021 and cost $980 million to build.

LVCC West Hall

World of Concrete will be the first trade show to use the new West Hall at the LVCC.

It totals 1.4 million square feet, including 600,00 square feet of exhibit space, a 14,000-square foot outdoor terrace, and a grand atrium.

Attendees can access West Hall using the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, a brand-new, $52-million tunnel system 40 feet underground.

Two one-way, .8-mile tunnels and three passenger stations connect West Hall to the Central Lobby and South Halls.

Guests will travel through the tunnel at 35-40 miles per hour in an all-electric Tesla car (driven by a human driver). This will cut travel time between West and North Halls from about 15 minutes of walking to about 1 minute of driving.



How busy is Las Vegas McCarran Airport?

Busy and getting busier. As the state increases capacity limits and more people get vaccinated, crowds are returning. With World of Concrete taking place around the beginning of summer break, expect lots of eager crowds everywhere you go.

Do I have to wear a mask at Las Vegas McCarran Airport? 

Yes. All airport travelers are required to wear a mask that fully covers the nose and mouth. You can purchase masks in airport news and gift stores and from PPE vending machines, and get them free at airport information counters.

Are high-touch surfaces clean at Las Vegas McCarran Airport?

McCarran officials say its custodial teams are routinely wiping all high-touch surfaces like kiosks, escalators, and door handles with disinfectant recommended by the CDC.

What about taxi & rideshare service at Las Vegas McCarran Airport?

Uber and Lyft are still picking up passengers at Las Vegas McCarran Airport.

Rideshare pickup for Terminal 1 is on level 2 of the parking garage. Rideshare pickup for Terminal 3 is on the valet level of the Terminal 3 parking garage. More info here.

Note that the number of Uber and Lyft drivers in Nevada has fallen drastically in the past year, from about 36,500 in March, 2020, to about 13,700 in March, 2021. (Possible reasons include drivers switching jobs, moving out of town, and choosing pandemic unemployment benefits, plus the banning of surcharge pricing during the covid emergency.)

The result is fewer drivers serving more passengers, which is creating long wait times for rides. It’s also opening the door to scammers with Uber and Lyft decals on their cars who claim their passenger canceled on them and offer cash rides to waiting passengers in rideshare pickup areas.

Taxis at McCarran Airport are available as usual. For Terminal 1, taxis are located outside baggage claim through doors 1-4. For Terminal 3, taxis are located outside on Level 0. More info here.

What’s the bottom line on flying into Las Vegas Airport?

Arriving at McCarran is fairly normal these days. Just wear a mask, spread out in line, look for signs announcing changes, consider a taxi instead of Uber or Lyft, and be patient.

More information at McCarran’s Covid-19 Information for Travelers page.



Attendees pack the booth at a Las Vegas trade show. Booths won’t looks like this for a while.

Entering the venue and walking its exhibit aisles will feel very different than a pre-covid trade show.

World of Concrete will be using a series of cleaning and hygiene protocols (which you’ll agree to follow as part of your registration process).

As an attendee or exhibitor, here’s how you’ll experience these cleaning and hygiene protocols moment to moment:

— When you arrive at World of Concrete, you’ll need a mask to enter. (You can get a mask from the show if needed.)

— You’ll use different doors to enter and exit buildings.

— You’ll get your barcode scanned for contactless entry.

— If you visit the registration and customer service areas, you’ll see partitions separating visitors and staff.

— Workers will continuously sanitize public “high-touch” areas, like door handles, restrooms, and food & beverage areas.

— While indoors, you’ll breathe fresh air, with the HVAC systems running continuously to keep fresh air circulating.

— As you approach the exhibit hall, you’ll be screened via thermal temperature scanning to check if your body temperature is over 100.4F.

— Your credentials will be scanned as you enter and exit the exhibit hall, to monitor the number of people on the show floor and ensure people can stay six feet apart.

— You’ll be asked to keep a “3-foot radial distance” (three feet around yourself in a circle) at all times.

— You’ll be encouraged to wash and disinfect your hands regularly at the many sanitation stations throughout the exhibit halls.

— Your trips to the restrooms and in the elevators may involve a wait because of capacity controls.

— If you have an urgent medical question or medical need, the show will provide a “qualified first-aid responder” to help you.



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