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Cisco Live Berlin exhibitor books Spark trade show presenter


August 26, 2015

Berlin, Germany — Plixer International has booked professional trade show presenter Andy Saks to deliver its booth presentations at Cisco’s prestigious annual European trade show.

Saks will present for Plixer at Cisco Live 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The show takes place February 15-19, 2016, at a venue to be announced.

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Plixer booked Spark trade show presenter Andy Saks for Cisco Live Berlin 2016.

Before the show, Saks will edit the presentation script to help its clarity and flow. Saks will then give live presentations about twice an hour throughout the show at Plixer’s stand, introducing attendees to Plixer’s Scrutinizer software.

This is the fifth time Plixer has booked Spark’s trade show services. Spark has provided a trade show presenter, event staff and trade show training in various combinations for Plixer at the Cisco Live 2013Cisco Live 2014Cisco Live 2015, and InfoSecurity Europe 2015.

In addition, Plixer has already booked Saks as its booth presenter for Cisco Live 2016 Las Vegas, and InfoSecurity Europe 2016 in London.

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