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Spark trade show presenter shines for Plixer at Cisco Live


July 1, 2013

Spark owner and trade show presenter Andy Saks helped client Plixer International smash its trade show lead record by giving Plixer’s booth presentations at the Cisco Live! US trade show, held last week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Saks delivered a five-minute scripted trade show presentation over 50 times during the four-day show, or roughly three times per hour. The presentation introduced attendees to Plixer’s Scrutinizer product for IT NetFlow, highlighting its value in “future-proofing” IT networks against various threats.

Coupled with Plixer’s coveted booth prize, a glowing blue “NetFlow Knights” sword, the presentation helped Plixer set a new company record for trade show sales leads. Nearly all booth presentations filled the seats and created a large ring of attendees watching from the surrounding aisle.

Plixer also utilized a trade show booth assistant, Shannon Tate, based in Orlando.

To ensure a smooth, energetic delivery within and between each presentation, Saks used the Earprompter, a professional speaking tool that allows speakers to record presentation content and instructions beforehand, then play back the recording into an invisible earpiece while presenting, thus feeding themselves the script in real time.

Saks also delivered the one-hour “Standard” version of Spark’s trade show booth staff training program, Booth Brush-Up, to Plixer’s entire trade show staffing team at Plixer’s booth the afternoon the show began.

Plixer International LogoPlixer International, Inc. is a provider of NetFlow and sFlow network analysis and network security monitoring tools among other network management software. Plixer sells and supports products that aid Network Administrators in monitoring, troubleshooting, securing and analyzing the behavior of IT networks.

Cisco Live is Cisco Systems’ largest annual customer conference, held in the US, Europe, Mexico and other locations around the world. It features a wide range of education and training on Cisco and partner technologies. One of its major attractions is the World of Solutions Expo, an invitation-only showcase of Cisco and partner solution exhibits.

Trade Show Presenter Cisco Live 1

Trade show presenter Andy Saks poses at Cisco Live sign


Trade Show Presenter Cisco Live 2

Trade show presenter Andy Saks and trade show booth assistant Shannon Tate are armed with Plixer’s coveted prize, “NetFlow Knight” swords, at Cisco Live US


Trade Show Presenter Cisco Live 3

Trade show presenter Andy Saks reels in immense crowds at Plixer’s booth at Cisco Live US


Trade Show Presenter Cisco Live 4

Trade show presenter Andy Saks explains Scrutinizer from Plixer to crowds at Cisco Live US


Trade Show Presenter Cisco Live 5

Trade show presenter Andy Saks runs Plixer’s end-of-day raffle at the booth at Cisco Live US



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