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NERCOMP books Spark presentation skills, PowerPoint training in Boston


August 27, 2013

Boston, MA–The information technology group NERCOMP has booked Spark Presentations owner and lead trainer Andy Saks to deliver a full-day presentation skills training program to its members.

Saks will deliver the presentation skills training program in early October at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Norwood, Massachusetts, alongside a trainer from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

NERCOMP is featuring the presentation skills training program in its 2013-2014 series of PDOs, or Professional Development Opportunities. These ongoing educational programs include one-day workshops, webinars and the annual NERCOMP conference. NERCOMP requested the training when its members asked for help with their presentation and public speaking skills.

Saks will deliver two Spark presentation skills training topics. The first, called “FEAR TO FUN: Why you freak when you speak in public, and how to calm your nerves and wow the crowd,” helps trainees understand the evolutionary roots behind their fear of public speaking and its physical symptoms, and offers quick, easy, free techniques to knock down speaking anxiety to a manageable level.

The second presentation topic, called “BULLETPROOF SLIDESHOWS: Creating clear, concise, compelling slides,” gives trainees a conceptual understanding of what makes an effective presentation slide, shares a step-by-step approach for building good slides, and augments it with practical pointers on using words, images, bullet points, animations and transitions.



NERCOMP  booked Spark for presentation skills training

NERCOMP provides its member institutions affordable professional development, discounted software licensing, and collaborative networking opportunities.

Its mission is to enhance the communication and dissemination of information related to the use of computers, networks and information technology in education, academic research and educational administration throughout the Northeastern United States. NERCOMP is an associate of EDUCAUSE.


Spark Presentations is a private company founded in 1998 that provides business presentation consulting, design and delivery services for executives, salespeople, marketers and others. Spark’s mission is to help its clients make their messages more compelling and get them out to more people.

Spark achieves these goals through keynote speeches for organizations and events, presentation skills training and trade show booth staff training for groups, and speech coaching for individuals. Spark also books professional presenters and public speakers to represent its clients at high-profile business and non-profit events, in roles like trade show booth presenter, master of ceremonies (M.C.) and auctioneer, as well as on camera talent and voice talent in marketing videos, training videos, TV commercials and radio ads.

Spark’s client list includes dozens of organizations of all shapes and sizes, from well-known corporations like AT&T, Best Buy, Dial-a-Mattress, FedEx, Hyundai, Intel, Kimberly-Clark, Olympus, Owens-Corning, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Volvo, to high-tech industry players like AMD, Atrion, Citrix, Gigamon, and Symantec, to service organizations like Vistage, 1nService and NERCOMP, to New England institutions like the Boston Jewish Film Festival, Comedy Connection, and the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

Spark owner Andy Saks is also the author of The Presentation Playbook, a three-volume series of  books that help businesspeople build and deliver winning sales presentations, seminars, trade show booth presentations, webinars and networking pitches with a unique three-part process that mirrors how a coach or player calls a key play in a game.

For more information on Spark services, please contact Andy Saks via email or Spark’s Contact page.


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