Knock their socks off.

Presentation Coach Andy Saks

Spark owner and speech coach Andy Saks (and his whistle)

Your speech is booked. The date approaches. Expectations are high. Can you deliver?

Turn that dreaded deadline into a chance to shine with a one-on-one presentation coaching session with Spark speech coach Andy Saks. These freewheeling meetings let you lead Andy through the aspects of your presentation you want to work on, so you get the coaching help you need at just your speed.

You’ll finish your presentation coaching feeling empowered and excited for your presentation, and able to adapt the tools and strategies you learn for future presentations.

Time Required: 2-3 hours per session

Location: Your office or a quiet public venue like a library study room

Occasion: Your next sales pitch, keynote, seminar, Webinar or other presentation

Topics: You can mix and match any presentation coaching services in any order to suit your needs. Most clients follow this three-session coaching format:

Presentation Coaching Session 1:
Brainstorm & Design

Not sure where to start? Andy will ask you targeted questions about your event, audience, challenges and concerns to create clear, targeted goals.

Then we’ll review all your presentation content and pick the most promising facts, stats, questions, stories and other pieces to work with.

Presentation Coaching Session 2:
Refine & Organize

We’ll massage your best content into its best form, by finding the key aspect of each piece, adding key details, and dropping irrelevant ones.

Then we’ll arrange those pieces into a clear, concise, compelling narrative that best fits your event, audience and goals. We may even add a fun flourish, like a costume or prop.

Presentation Coaching Session 3:
Deliver & Defend

You’ll practice and refine your delivery with your Spark coach (and a video camera) improve your style, calm your nerves and sharpen your skills until you’re good to go.

If needed, we’ll also tackle related issues, like defusing negative body language, answering thorny questions and other daunting challenges.

Supplemental Session:
Present Without Notes or Memorization

Now that your speech is ready, are you ready to leave your audience speechless?

Toss the messy notes, skip the tedious memorization and master the Earprompter, the secret weapon that helps speakers deliver every word with confidence and precision, while staying focused on their audience.