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San Diego booth exhibitor books Spark trade show training


February 16, 2018

San Diego, CA — For the second straight year, Contemporary Information Corp. (CIC) has booked Spark Presentations’ trade show training program to prepare for the upcoming Apartmentalize trade show.

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CIC has booked Spark’s trade show training program for Apartmentalize

Spark lead trainer and owner Andy Saks will deliver Spark’s “Advanced” 4-hour trade show training in person the day before Apartmentalize begins.

Formerly titled the NAA Education Conference & Exposition, Apartmentalize takes place the week of June 11, 2018 in San Diego, California, at the San Diego Convention Center.

Based in Buford, Georgia, CIC is an industry leader in tenant screening, and the nation’s premier wholesale data provider to the multifamily industry.

The trade show training will help CIC increase its lead quantity and quality at Apartmentalize and other trade shows, by teaching its booth staffers to engage, qualify, and serve exhibit attendees efficiency, effectively and enjoyably.

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