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Process Expo exhibitor books Spark trade show training


July 15, 2015

An exhibitor at the Process Expo trade show has booked Spark’s exhibitor lead attraction training program to help its booth staff identify, attract and convert more qualified leads.

TREIF USA, Inc. will produce the “Expert” 4-hour version of Spark’s trade show training at a site near its home office in Connecticut about six weeks before the show.

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TREIF USA has booked Spark’s trade show training in preparation for Process Expo in Chicago

The training is titled, “Booth Brush-Up: How to stand out, sell more, and have fun on your show floor,” and is delivered by Spark owner and lead trainer Andy Saks.

The trade show training will help Treif staffers prepare to attract, qualify, pitch, and disengage from Process Expo attendees efficiently and effectively. Consequently, TREIF will qualify more leads more efficiently and effectively, boosting the ROI of its booth and staff.

Spark’s trade show training program will cover the following topics:

— Examining the overlooked opportunities and unique challenges of trade shows
— Reviewing show parameters and attendee demographics
— Brainstorming a full profile of the exhibitor’s best lead, called its “Prime Prospect”
— Understanding how attendees perceive exhibitors and what they need from them
— Attracting attendees into the booth using physical positioning and posture
— Asking questions that establish trust and measure a prospect’s value
— Delivering an efficient, tailored product demo
— Disengaging with a commitment to specific follow-up actions in place

The training will be anchored by Spark’s customized slide deck, and include discussion, brainstorming, role-playing activities, and a content review in game show format to reinforce key concepts.

Process Expo bills itself as “the global food equipment & technology show” and will run from September 15-18, 2015, at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, IL.

This demo reel provides a taste of the training program TREIF has purchased:


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