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Massachusetts Synagogue Books Live Auctioneer Andy Saks


March 1, 2019

Boston, MA — Temple Israel of Boston, Mass., has booked Spark live auctioneer Andy Saks to serve as its emcee, live auctioneer, and “fund the need” facilitator at its annual fundraiser.


Temple Israel of Boston has booked Andy Saks as its live auctioneer

Titled “Stepping Out,” the fundraiser will take place in April, 2019.

Temple Israel of Boston has been an integral part of Boston Jewish life for over 160 years. They are a warm, urban congregation where all are welcome to live Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Saks has served as live auctioneer for other organizations in New England, including the YMCA of New Canaan, CT, the Boston Jewish Film FestivalCommunity Rowing, Inc., and Boston Workmen’s Circle.

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