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Spark event staff shines for Samsung at InfoComm


June 14, 2013

Spark Presentations’ trade show staff made a big impact for electronics giant Samsung this week at InfoComm, the world’s largest trade show for audio/video professionals.

Spark’s trade show staff worked in Samsung’s InfoComm booth at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, augmenting Samsung‘s own employees. They served not as standard trade show crowd gatherers or booth assistants, but as high-end product representatives engaging in key booth interactions and generating valuable sales leads.

Spark’s trade show staff was comprised of five trade show professionals: Larry Wyatt, Julia Reilly, Clarissa Zimmerman, Zulema de Rodriguez and Bill Gunn. They spent the entire show in Samsung’s booth, welcoming attendees, asking qualifying questions, introducing and demonstrating Samsung products, answering product questions, and connecting attendees to Samsung employees for more in-depth discussion and sales. They also assisted attendees with specialized needs, such as native Spanish speakers.

To prepare for their demanding roles, Spark’s trade show staffers studied extensive prep materials on Samsung’s featured lineup of commercial monitors, PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Staffers then participated in a full-day training program designed by Spark the day before the show that burnished their booth skills and product knowledge, featuring Spark’s signature trade show booth staff training program, “Booth Brush-Up.”

The presence of professional trade show staffers engaging in first- and second-level product conversations with attendees around the booth helped Samsung reserve its own valuable employees for critical higher-level tasks, such as press interviews and in-depth conversations with their most promising sales prospects.

Samsung has already booked a second Spark trade show staff for its booth at the ISTE trade show, June 24-26, at the San Antonio (Gonzalez) Convention Center in Texas.


Trade Show Staff Orlando 1

Spark trade show staff Larry, Clarissa, Julia, Zulema and Bill at the entrance to InfoComm on rehearsal day in Spark shirts


Trade Show Staff Orlando 2

Spark trade show staff Larry, Zulema, Julia, Bill and Clarissa at the same entrance the morning of Day 1 in Samsung shirts


Trade Show Staff Orlando 3

Spark trade show staff member Clarissa Zimmerman talks with InfoComm attendees


Trade Show Staff Orlando 4

Spark trade show staff member Bill Gunn teaches a whole team of InfoComm exhibitors about Samsung products


Trade Show Staff Orlando Julia Reilly

Spark trade show staff member Julia Reilly is all smiles for attendees


Trade Show Staff Orlando 6

Spark trade show staff member Zulema de Rodriguez chats with attendees in English and Spanish


Trade Show Staff Orlando Larry Wyatt

Spark trade show staff member Larry Wyatt engages attendees in the aisle


Trade Show Staff Orlando Andy Saks

Spark owner and lead staffer Andy Saks appears in the video feed in Samsung’s video wall display


Trade Show Staff Orlando 9

A team triumphant! Spark trade show staff teammates Clarissa, Zulema, Larry, Julia and Bill pose at Samung’s front display


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