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Spark event staff shines for Samsung at New Orleans trade show


December 1, 2016

New Orleans, LA — For the tenth time, Spark’s trade show event staff helped consumer electronics giant Samsung sparkle at a major trade show.

Samsung booked four Spark trade show professionals to staff its booth at the annual Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference, or “HiTec” trade show, held at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Spark’s team served as high-end “product specialists” in Samsung’s booth. Before the show, staffers prepared for this demanding role by researching and studying all Samsung products featured in the booth, along with relevant industry terminology, to become conversant in product and industry lingo.

During the show, staffers served as Samsung’s “first line of defense” in the booth, by:

— Attracting and welcoming HiTec attendees

— Asking qualifying questions to determine each attendee’s interests and needs

— Conducting impromptu tours through Samsung’s booth

— Answering attendee questions about Samsung products

— Connecting interested attendees to Samsung technicians and salespeople for more in-depth discussion

Booking Spark product specialists freed up Samsung’s own staffers to remain available for in-depth conversations with promising sales prospects, some of whom represented the hospitality industry’s most prominent names.

Event Staffing at HiTec New Orleans

Samsung booked this team of four Spark event staffers (including Spark owner Andy Saks, second from left) for its booth at the HiTec trade show in New Orleans


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