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Samsung books Spark event staffing for ISTE


June 5, 2013

After booking a Spark trade show staff team for its booth at the InfoComm trade show, consumer electronics giant Samsung has tapped Spark Presentations to provide a second trade show staff team for its booth at the ISTE trade show, June 24-26, 2013, at the San Antonio Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.


Samsung booked a Spark trade show staff team for ISTE

Spark will provide two professional trade show staff personnel to augment Samsung‘s own employees at the booth. Spark’s trade show staffers will provide a variety of services, including welcoming attendees into the booth, asking qualifying questions, demonstrating Samsung products, answering questions, and introducing them to Samsung employees for more in-depth discussion.

This setup allows Samsung to reduce the number of employees it brings to the booth, saving both their associated travel costs and the opportunity costs of removing them from their regular work for a week. It also ensures that employees who are present at the booth are freed up for the tasks for which they’re best suited, such as speaking in-depth with the most promising prospects and being interviewed by the press.

Photos of Spark’s trade show staffers at Samsung’s ISTE booth will be posted in a separate “News” blog post following the show.




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